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The cardboard with level 3 plant

Corrugated board occupied larger proportion of sales in a company. Currently in Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and shandong region hundreds of level 3 plants, perennial use agreed to provide high quality board.

Achieve sales of corrugated board features:

1. Use the German BHS2.8 m cardboard automatic assembly line production, stable quality, strong cohesive force.

2. There is a skilled and experienced team of operators and foreign direct technicians on site.

3. To provide the most wide sheet of corrugated cardboard (2.8 m).

4. The machine can produce two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight kinds of different specifications of the corrugated board.

5. The technical content of weak third factory, can provide free technical advice, on-site service and troubleshooting.

6. 3 factory can also bring their own special base paper to factory processing.

7. Can provide all kinds of special performance of the board after coating.

8. To provide local generation processes for level 3 factory, such as: precision printing, large pressure, die-cutting, etc.

9. The demanding high-end carton, can undertake a full set of processing for level 3 factory, 3 factory simply resell.

10. The base paper and accessories from the reliable manufacturer, and the strict inspection, the storage under the specific situation see paper shows fine:

To be sure:

1. The above table base paper, the quantitative according to GB/T13023-2008, with the provisions of GB/T13024-2003 + / - 5% is allowed in the floating up and down.

2. The board price is based on "published" Shanghai BaoXie paper container commission industry in east China six provinces and municipalities and coordination of the price.

Cardboard flat rice price (RMB/m2) + = record-keeping * loss wages.

Cardboard actual price (RMB/piece) = actual paper * actual cutting length * width flat prices.

3. 3 factory with a "common material board" can enjoy preferential price, and will take into consideration the price.

4. More than 80 km distance, part of the freight per need.

5. Cardboard cut cost st13 of 500 mm long, minimum pressure > 110 mm spacing, the minimum pressure > 200 m length.

6. A small number of small orders of processing way has three: to switch to a commonly used material out from other customer's order (delivery and width) pay for tear and wear

7. Special stare blankly shape orders (such as AA, BE, ABC, etc.), the factory have a fixed production, once the overdue, can only wait a day of production.

8. Cardboard normal delivery orders for the same day, generally the delivery (special circumstances, both sides talks things over solve.

9. The different paperboard stare blankly shape, material, the side minor repair quantity is different, please consult the competent salesman before you place the order.

10. Physical properties of cardboard or hazardous substances control have special requirements, we will submit test report at the same time in delivery.

11. When customers choose low surface paper or in paper, paper board is easy to break off phenomenon, especially in dry winter.

12. When customers think cardboard have quality problem, should be made in writing within seven working days after receiving (discovered when delivery, it is better to show) in the "delivery note" on the spot, otherwise regarded as qualified, no longer pursue. Such as board have been printing and slotting processing, will no longer accept returns.

13. The customer pays the bank acceptance, the supplier shall have the right to charge interest loss.

14. A company only accept the order, in writing, telephone oral order is invalid.

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